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Jacquelin - Flower Essence Consultant

During her intensive teaching sojourn in Germany, Jacquelin took a much needed break to visit her friends in England. She arrived looking pretty rundown and feeling exhausted. Her friends took one look at her and said they knew exactly what she needed to pick her up. Skeptical, yet resigned, Jacquelin was so surprised when, afterwards, she felt so rejuvenated, full of energy, and ready to take part in all activities.

And so started her inspirational journey on the healing path of flower essences!

Since then, Jacquelin studied all about the amazing healing properties of plants, and flowers, in particular, and the empirical research published about flower essences. Back in Germany, she learned how to make her own essences and how to apply combinations of essences to alleviate non-serving symptoms leading to well-being and peacefulness.

Continuing this trend after she returned to the U.S., Jacquelin is passionate about helping others achieve the serenity and well-being they so deserve.

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