Experiencing Positive Life Transformation on a Personal and Professional Level


Integrated Energy Therapy©

Release – Replenish – Rebalance

What Is IET?

IET uses divine energy, the violet angelic energy ray, channeled through the hands of the practitioner to clear blockages in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energy fields. Trauma, pain, suppressed feelings, resentment, and fear result in negative imprints in our cellular memory which are toxic energy.


The IET therapeutic process gently and painlessly identifies and clears these energy blockages, even karmic issues from the past. A desired state of well-being is re-patterned and then positively imprinted on all levels of your energy fields.


What Does IET Do For You?

Some have expressed what they experienced as:

“Free and light. I am a new person” – LH, a med student

“I can now dare to say what I want. I feel confident” – JK

“Buried issues came up in my dreams. Now I feel that I am free” – YSH, therapist

“My path became clear. I know what to do” - SR


Experience the empowerment of who you are.

Feel the gentle support through difficult situations in your life.

Discover your soul’s mission.

Increase your prosperity and creativity.

Be free to live the life of joy, love, and happiness.



One IET treatment will certainly do you good, but it may take more than one for your inner self to respond or for a spiritual connection to begin. Once you have had several treatments and the understanding deepens, each treatment becomes more and more healing on a deeper level and more things will transform, including your life.


IET works especially well with children*

Children and young people are still very close to who they truly are. Conflicts usually arise when they “don’t seem to fit”, and can’t come to terms with the limiting rules of our society. Peer pressure, strong wills, or a lack of self-confidence – all contribute to being their silent cry for help which adults sometimes misconstrue to be rebellion, lack of concentration, and so many other labels readily provided to us.

Since they are still open and respond fabulously to energy work, their sessions are shorter, and may be conducted remotely, without needing them to come to the office. One mother reported that her 4-year old “slept through the night for the first time, had really good dreams the night you worked on him, and now loves to be out in nature”.


IET As Complementary Holistic Therapy

Used in combination with other holistic therapies, IET can facilitate a positive outcome and accelerate self-healing. It is, however, NOT a replacement for traditional medical approaches and NO medical claims for an effective outcome of the sessions can be made.


There are 3 levels of therapy:

Level 1* – Release and Energize : $48 (typically 30 minutes)

Level 2* – Deep Release and Soul Star Connection: $88 (typically one hour)

Level 3   – Karmic Clearing and Manifesting: $118 (typically 90 minutes)


To reserve your session, please click here or call 941-870-4133

* Remote sessions available.

The Educational Holistic Institute recommends seeking the care of a health professional for all serious physical or mental health concerns.  The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be used to replace professional medical advice.