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Flower Essences

What Are Flower Essences essences are the energetic imprints of the life force of plants, transmitted to water by solarization, resulting in the vibrational resonance of the flower being memorized by the water.

Flower essences are extracted from the blossoms of plants, picked at a certain time of the day for best results. The mother essence is then bottled for further use by the therapist.

How Does It Work

We all have many qualities of emotion and personality. At times they can be subdues by negative influences, circumstances, and events.

In such cases, the therapist will intervene with a combination of gentle, supporting flower essences, flooding you with their positive energies, dissolving negative aspects, shifting you from sadness to gladness, from suffering to enjoyment, from emptiness to being whole again. essences have no known contraindication with prescription drugs. Many people taking drugs are able to gradually taper down and even eliminate their medications under medical guidance.

It is important for anyone taking prescribed medications to have their condition professionally monitored, and not to attempt to discontinue medication without medical supervision.

A typical session may take up to an hour: $48 (includes the first bottle of essences)

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The Educational Holistic Institute recommends seeking the care of a health professional for all serious physical or mental health concerns.  The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be used to replace professional medical advice.