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Energy Healing with Chakra Balancing

Energy Healing

Humans are comprised of a number of different energetic fields; from the physical/anatomical field to the emotional, mental and spiritual fields. Each of the fields contains large quantities of information on health conditions, emotional trauma, relationship quandaries, karma, experiences from previous lifetimes, ancestral debt, soul wounds and much more.

During an energy field reading/healing session, the practitioner can glean this information from the clients’ energy fields and use it to provide an all-encompassing healing experience. Each of the energy fields is additionally cleared, re-energized and balanced bringing them to the optimum vibrational frequency for ideal health and well-being.

Chakra Balancing

All of the seven major chakras are balanced as well during an energy healing. Chakras are energy centers located throughout our body.

Each of the seven main chakras correlates to the health and wellbeing of an area of the body, from a physical but also emotional and spiritual standpoint. For example, an imbalanced sacral chakra can lead to trouble with reproductive organs but can also bring about feelings of abandonment, unworthiness or being unlovable. Chakras can be negatively affected by a number of causes including stress, trauma, illness, surgery, overstimulation, dissatisfaction with a job or relationship, environmental toxins, unhealthy diet and the list goes on. Individual chakras can become over-energized or be sluggish and deficient of energy.

A chakra balancing restores the energy flow, remove distortions, distributing the energy evenly, clearing energy blocks and aligning the chakras with each other for an optimum life energy flow through the entire body. A balanced chakra system can help you feel grounded, confident, loving, connected to your life’s path, have a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Energy healing in concert with other approaches can provide a great deal of physical and emotional healing and often helps prevent illness and disease.

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Energy healing sessions may be conducted in-person, or remotely. Sessions are 60 minutes long.

A session costs - $88.

If combined with an Ethereal Guidance Channeling session, the cost is an additional $22.

The Educational Holistic Institute recommends seeking the care of a health professional for all serious physical or mental health concerns.  The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be used to replace professional medical advice.