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Bunny - Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Practical Feng Shui

Bunny has been described as “a gentle being, a patient teacher, simplifying the sometimes complex truths of life, and guiding others by opening one door at a time to the higher wisdom of the universe”.

Born in Germany in northeast Bavaria, Bunny grew up in a nature-oriented environment. Early in life, she took an avid interest in plants and their healing properties. Her grandmother, an intuitive healer, taught her about the power of herbs. She soon learned to trust her intuition and follow her innate sense of guidance. Drawn to the spiritual side of the healing arts, she started incorporating Reiki, Chi-Gong, Kundalini Yoga and the power of positive thought in all that she did. This led her to use these arts in her teaching profession – a dedicated Elementary School teacher of 40 years, of which 9 were spent in Montessori education.

Bunny has always been a strong conduit of energy channeled through her secondary hand chakra. So when the opportunity presented itself to study  energy therapy in Sedona, she recognized that this was to be her next step in life, and went on to become an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy® Practitioner.

As a true Libran, beauty, harmony, and balance have been key to the many moves her family has been through – leading her to excel in interior redecorating. While helping friends and neighbors redecorate their homes, she discovered how the practical aspect of Feng Shui could be instrumental in explaining what came to her naturally. She went on to become a consultant in western practical Feng Shui, which is the outward expression of our need for harmony in life and nature.

We are proud to welcome Bunny to the Educational Holistic Institute as a practitioner of Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy® and Practical Feng Shui.

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