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Nov 24, 2014


Have you ever wanted to know what a place might be like for you, even though you may have never been there. That could be of a great help, if you are planning to move or take a longer trip.

Using relocation astrology, it is possible to see where in the world a certain desire may be more tenable to being fulfilled compared to the present location you are in.

My own experience shows that a person may be born with a certain unsettlement and discomfort at home, but by travelling and discovering new, exciting places never dreamed of, one can suddenly discover oneself as a new and improved person, much happier than ever... This is what happened to me, as I relocated to Switzerland, a place where the Sun was in the First House of my relocated chart.

A friend of mine travelled to Paris on her honeymoon and got pregnant while there, as promised by the Moon conjunct the Ascendant in her relocated chart for Paris.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, born in Graz, Austria, became famous and enjoyed artistic and political success in California, where his relocation chart has Jupiter in the 10th house of career, conjunct with the Midheaven.

When looking forward to a relocation astrology reading you should know what you really want, because some places are very favorable for settling, while some other places can be very auspicious for building a career. Some people can even find their soul mates on foreign grounds, but most people just want to be happy and feel good about themselves.













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