Experiencing Positive Life Transformation on a Personal and Professional Level


The Educational Holistic Institute was founded in December 2001 with a mission to enhance metaphysical and spiritual enrichment in the community. Since then, the practitioners have been dedicated to bringing greater consciousness, love, and enlightenment into the world encompassing international workshops, seminars, therapeutic and counseling sessions across four continents - from the Indian subcontinent to Australia, to Europe, to the US, and to Costa Rica.



             Zahid                        Bunny

       - Palmistry                   - Integrated Energy Therapy©

       - Astrology                  - Practical Feng Shui



          Yasmeen              Jacquelin

- Energy Healing                - Flower Essences

- Ethereal Guidance

- Space Clearing/Geopathic

The Educational Holistic Institute recommends seeking the care of a health professional for all serious physical or mental health concerns.  The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only, and should not be used to replace professional medical advice.